Refugee crisis – can we fix it? Discussion with Polish NGOs

The current refugee crisis challenges the European Union. Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, urged in his recent State of the Union speech: “We need more Europe in our asylum policy. We need more Union in our refugee policy.” European Movement Vice-president Bernd Hüttemann met on Friday 18 September with representatives of organised Polish civil society and spoke about the importance of engaging in joint European actions.

The European Movement International calls for European solidarity and shared responsibility. The respect for common European values implicates helping those in need.

The intense discussions initiated by the European Movement Poland made clear: The fear of “the other(s)” especially of Muslims is still widespread among the Polish population. It is therefore all the more important, that the Polish public sphere continues its shift towards a neutral media reporting.

The participants agreed, that the abolishment of the Dublin System and the introduction of an obligatory European quota system in return are essential in order to act in solidarity. The present situation is not to be dealt with nationally, but calls for joint actions. Following Junkcer, Hüttemann stressed: “Europe has to act big on big things and small on small things!”