Pariteia-Promoting Gender Equality in EU Active Citizenship

The aim of the project :
Establishing a European citizenship based on the active participation of women and men in all social, political and professional activities.

The project consists of five key actions that are achieved by all the project partners:
• Survey: This action consists of 1) a wide-scope analysis of gender equality in private, working and public life based on the secondary data available in each of the participating countries and 2) a primary data collection on the role of fathers: i.e. interview with fathers in each of the participating countries.
• A good practices collection, i.e. examples of actions undertaken to foster the role of men in gender equality.
• National workshops, involving local NGOs, local personalities, experts, citizens and media, and serving as a laboratory for discussing the five Pariteia actions.
• A Charter of Intents. Its final version will be ready by the end of December. The Charter will be signed by individuals and key personalities who will commit themselves or their institutions to achieve the Charter’s intents. A final conference will be organised in January and will launch the Charter. Its promotion will go largely beyond the time-frames of the project.
• The key aspect of the project which strives primarily to raise awareness of gender equality is communication.

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