The European Movement UK, founded in 1949, provides a voice for those who believe the UK’s interests are best served from inside the EU.  EMUK’s vision is of a future side by side with our European partners.

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Action Day on Need to Stay in Euratom and Protect our NHS
Our next Action Day on Saturday 27 January is going to be themed around the critical importance of the UK remaining in Euratom for our NHS, as this has meant that cancer patients here have been able to receive vital radiotherapy treatments without supply-related disruptions and uncertainties. Our campaigners will be out on the ground highlighting this major concern about leaving Euratom.  With the Nuclear Safeguards Bill going through Parliament at the moment, we need as many people out supporting the Action Day as possible, so please contact your local branch if you would like to get involved.  Details about the different local Action Day events will be available on our website soon.

UK News Round-up: 1-9 January 2018

Tony Blair’s wake up call for the political year [Tony Blair Institute for Global Change]
Tony Blair has written a report chronicling what has been learned about Brexit since the referendum. He notes that 2018 is when real decisions must be made – about the terms of the new relationship, about soft or hard Brexit, and about a referendum on the final deal. Blair sets out that there are only four options facing Britain; and explains that the pivotal decision about Ireland, on which so much else hinges, has merely been postponed. He says it is “far better to fight for the right for the country to re-think, demand that we know the full details of the new relationship before we quit the old one.”

Representatives of EU Governments say they would be they’d be willing to take Britain back if we revoked Article 50 [Independent]
Chuka Umunna writes that members of the APPG on EU Relations have been meeting with representatives of EU governments. Overall, the dominant sentiment is that the EU27 see this whole Brexit process as “damage limitation”. They believe Brexit is bad for them and us. If, when we see what the Brexit deal actually looks like, we want to change our minds and fight to reform the EU from within, they would be delighted – and there is unanimous acceptance that Article 50 is revocable. That is why it makes sense to keep an open mind on what we do at the end of these negotiations.

Liam Fox’s Pacific plan is toxic and needs proper scrutiny [Guardian]
Nick Dearden, director of Global Justice Now, discusses Liam Fox’s trade bill which received its second reading in the Commons this week, giving Fox the ability to renegotiate the EU’s external trade treaties so that they still apply after Brexit. This bill currently gives no rights to MPs or the public when it comes to trade policy: MPs have no right to know what negotiations are going on, or to set parameters for those negotiations, or to scrutinise, amend or stop a trade deal. They are essentially agreed under royal prerogative, which is deeply troubling.  Nick notes that it will be one of history’s great ironies if those who genuinely wanted to return sovereignty to Britain were to find that our elected representatives have less power over trade than their European colleagues.