Croatian presidency ready to prepare negotiations on digital taxation

The first Economic and Financial Affairs Council held under Croatian Presidency discussed digital taxation and financial and economic aspects of the European Green Deal.

Finance ministers exchanged views on tax challenges arising from digitalisation and concluded that an international solution on digital taxation was the best way forward. Croatian presidency concluded that it would continue attending international meetings on this issue. It will organise technical discussions in the Council in order to prepare, as far as possible, negotiations taking place at the OECD and address member states’ concerns.

“Digitalisation has brought fundamental changes in the way companies operate which requires us to adapt our rules, in particular in the area of taxation. This is a global issue which needs a global solution. That’s why the EU is committed to actively engaging in the ongoing OECD negotiations.
Zdravko Marić, minister for finance of Croatia

Ministers discussed the financial and economic aspects of the European Green Deal and stressed their readiness to examine, as a matter of priority, the concrete actions to be put forward by the Commission under the deal in the months to come.

The Council also initiated the annual ‘European Semester’ process for the monitoring of the member states’ economic, employment and fiscal policies.