Warm words but no Brexit concessions, as May leaves Brussels empty-handed

By Benjamin Fox | EURACTIV.com

EU leaders took turns to praise Theresa May on Thursday night (13 December) but the British prime minister left Brussels empty-handed after promising her divided Conservative party that she would secure new concessions from EU leaders.

“We are ready to help,” Luxembourg’s Prime Minister told May as she entered the European Council building to address EU leaders.

That was echoed by Austria’s Sebastian Kurz who described May as a “tough negotiator.”

But those warms words did not mean any movement on the terms of the UK’s proposed Brexit deal.

May had made “a courageous fight but unfortunately, we are not seeing the results,” said Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

“There will be no renegotiation, that is clear”.

“We expect the UK to provide clarity on intentions and next steps after #Brexit. We are ready for clarifications but no renegotiation is possible. We are also very happy with deals on #rescEU and landmark #EUJapan agreement”. @JunckerEU following #EUCO pic.twitter.com/7Yf0gzYf86

— European Commission