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The European Movement in Rome on 25 March24.3.2017.

The European Movement International will be marking the 60th anniversary of the Rome Treaty and using it as an opportunity to renew support for the European project and craft a way forward for our Union. What we are planning in Rome Forum on the Future of Europe On 25 March from 8.45-12.00 we will hold [...]

EU to reinforce trade defence instruments14.12.2016.

On Tuesday (13 December), EU states agreed to reinforce the bloc’s trade defence instruments, which have become a key priority for the EU recently as steel overcapacity from China is affecting European businesses and as trade policy has become a key concern for voters feeling left out of the benefits of globalisation. Peter Ziga, Slovak trade [...]

Call to freeze Turkey membership talks rejected

Yesterday (13 December), EU foreign ministers  opposed the European Parliament and Austria’s demands to suspend negotiations with Turkey in its bid to join the EU over concerns about a crackdown on opponents since a failed coup in June. Ministers said Turkey’s membership “accession process is open-ended” even though no new negotiating chapters will be launched [...]

Commission proposes stricter rules for social benefits

On Tuesday (13 December), the European Commission proposed tighter rules on social welfare for citizens receiving benefits in different Member States. The proposed changes would allow EU countries to require that a worker from another Member State works for at least three months on its territory before unemployment benefits can be claimed. Another measure in the [...]