On 28 November 2018, the European Movement International and the European Women’s Lobby organised the third edition of the Women of Europe Awards. The awards, which are handed out in four categories, aim to highlight the efforts of women in politics, civil society and business.  This year’s ceremony took place at the House of the [...]

Deepening the Eurozone with democratic legitimacy in mind28.6.2018.

Yesterday, Transparency International EU, the European Movement International and a number of other organisation published an open letter to the Heads of State and Government participating in the Euro Summit this week. Years after the financial crisis, the June 2018 European Council and Euro Summit are again set to focus on the way forward for Economic [...]

The European Movement celebrates its 70th anniversary in The Hague25.5.2018.

On 24 and 25 May, the European Movement International celebrated its 70th anniversary in The Hague with the two-day event ‘Sharing Europe’. Citizens, policy-makers, trade unions, civil society and business came together to discuss the main issues facing Europe today, including: sustainability, migration, security, labour rights, new economic models and democracy over two days of [...]

Sharing Europe, 70 years of the European Movement22.5.2018.

Every 10 years, the European Movement International and the City of The Hague host the commemoration of the famous Congress of Europe, which lay the foundations for European integration and the foundation of the European Movement. (Read more on the history of this event on our website)To mark the 70th anniversary of The Hague Congress [...]

The European Movement International gives ‘Woman in Power’ award to Federica Mogherini on International Women’s Day9.5.2018.

On International Women’s Day, the European Movement International handed over the Woman in Power award to Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the Commission. The award was given as part of the Women of Europe Awards, which is jointly organised by the European Movement International [...]